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Welcome to Mobi&Learn!

Mobi&Learn is a learning management system written in PHP and used for blended learning, electronic and distance education, flipped classroom and other e-learning projects in schools, universities, workplaces and other sectors.

With customizable features, it is used to create online courses from educators and trainers to achieve learning goals. Every course have one or more lessons and quizzes. Every lesson have one or more sections. Every quiz have one or more questions. The courses, lessons, sections, quizzes and questions have separate areas for attachment of their resources (images and etc.).

The educators may test their courses with Mobi&Learn APK unit. With Mobi&Learn APK unit students can upload courses on the their mobile devices via identity number and security code supplied from author of course. Some of courses are free and do not need by security code.

The free (this) version of Mobi&Learn has any more limitations: - create one course, down to 3 lessons, down to 3 sections and down to 3 resources for course, lesson or section.

Aldeniz Rashidov,